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Privacy Policy

Dongcheng International Hotel respects the privacy of all guests and business partners and keeps confidential the personal data you provide. We strictly abide by the Mainland China Personal Data ("Privacy") Protection Ordinance, as far as possible in accordance with internationally recognized standards to protect your personal data. Your personal data and information will help us fulfill our commitment and offer you a sincere hospitality.
Application of policies
Privacy Policy ("Policy") applies to data and data of customers and other individuals with whom we deal. It also applies to the management of such data and data in any form, such as electronic or written.
This policy enables us to fulfill our commitment to protect your personal data and has been adopted by Dongcheng International Hotel. The "Dongcheng International Hotel", "We" and "Our" mentioned below are the general names of these individual hotels or enterprises according to their contextual meanings.
Collection of personal data
Personal data in this policy refers to personal information used to identify you. You can browse our website without providing any personal data or information. In order for you to enjoy a particular service, we may need to collect your personal data and ask you to provide it on a completely voluntary basis. We may collect your personal data due to: (1) information or services required to provide the required information or booking requirements; (2) understanding and meeting your personal preferences; (3) buying our products or services; (4) registering as a member of the (hotel membership plan name) needs; (5) submitting job applications; (5) information communication needs.
Types of personal data collected
The personal data we deal with include:
Your personal details, contact details, passport and visa, identity information;
_Guest check-in information, including hotel stay, arrival/departure date, products and services purchased, special requirements, personal preferences for services, telephone number dialed, fax and telephone information received, etc.
- The details of your credit card, membership information, online user account information, personal information or password, and membership information of any partner;
Any information we need to meet your special needs (e.g. leisure, travel and guest preferences);
Your comments and comments on our services;
- Information gathered through the use of closed-circuit television systems and other security systems; and
Information about customer credit.
How do we use personal data
We may use and disclose the relevant parts of your personal data for the following purposes:
Handle and/or confirm hotel arrangements and restaurant reservations;
Provide hotel accommodation and other products and services you purchase at a fee.
Provide you with exclusive privileges, preferences and services;
Provide you with more perfect and personalized services;
Dealing with the application of applicants for membership, and managing the membership of members;
To fulfill our contractual obligations to you, any business or individual (such as travel agencies, group travel organizers and your employers) and other service providers (such as credit card companies, airlines or other frequent passenger incentive schemes) who make travel arrangements for you;
For market analysis, market research, customer satisfaction survey and quality assurance survey;
Respond to requests for information and services;
To ensure the safety of guests;
Managing daily records;
Assist in direct marketing, promotional activities and customer management, including sending you promotional information or preferential plans with your consent (see the "Direct Marketing" column below for details).
Assist in integrating other personal data for any purpose;
To announce the winners of competitions or lottery winners organized by or on behalf of us; and
Meet the requirements of other laws and regulations.
Disclosure of your personal data
From time to time, we will provide and transmit your personal data and information to the following parties: Dongcheng International Hotel related tourism enterprises (such as airlines, car rental companies or travel agencies); Dongcheng International Hotel partners; courier companies; mail companies and contract contractors to help meet your needs, or to provide the services you require, or for other reasons.( See the column "How do we use personal data" for details. We have an agreement with any data collector to strictly prohibit them from disclosing any personal data and information for other purposes except for the above purposes stated in the statement of Dongcheng International Hotel.
We have the right to disclose any personal data and information about you at the request of the courts or government agencies, in compliance with the provisions of the law, or in order to protect our own rights or property.
We may share aggregated demographic information with business partners, affiliates or related enterprises or other companies or organizations. This summary information is not related to or traceable to any of your identifiable personal data.
Apart from the above, we are not allowed to sell or transmit identifiable personal information to any third party.
Direct selling
We will use your personal data (including your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other contact details) to send you marketing promotional materials, such as direct mail, e-mail, telephone and text messages containing news, concessions, promotions, activities, etc. These news, concessions, promotions and activities are provided by us or our business partners, and with the following categories Other products and services are related:
Tourism, catering, credit card, service and entertainment, leisure sports, physical fitness, non-profit and charitable activities, telecommunications, social networks, media and public relations.
Without your consent, we will not use your personal data for direct sale. Before using your personal data for direct marketing purposes, we will first obtain your consent. You can also choose to stop receiving any marketing promotional materials at any time by the following free ways:
According to the "stop subscribing" instructions in the promotional materials;
According to the instructions in the column "How to access or correct your personal data", contact
Commitment to ensure personal data security
In order to maintain the accuracy of your personal data, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure that your personal information is used correctly, we have taken corresponding manual, electronic and management measures to ensure the security of collected personal data. We regularly review and monitor these safety measures. Although we will spare no effort to maintain the security of your personal data, there is no security measure to completely prevent personal data and information from being disrupted, abused or intruded. We will not be responsible for any loss, abuse or change of the resulting data.
Children and minors
We will not collect personal data from any child or minor without knowing it, unless the local law stipulates it. If you are a child or a minor, you can only use our website and services with the permission of your father/mother or guardian.
Anonymous browsing
Visitors visit our website anonymously. In addition to the information you enter on your own initiative, the settings of our website will not collect any other information from your computer. That is to say, unless you provide information to us on your own initiative, we will not know your identity, email address or any information that can identify you.
We will use "cookies" on some web pages to give you a better experience when browsing the website. Cookies is a browser on your computer that stores your favorite online text files. Cookies themselves will not disclose this information unless you actively inform us of your email address or other identifiable personal information, such as registering a service for us. However, once you choose to enter your identifiable personal information on the site, it may be linked to the data stored in cookies.
We use cookies to better understand the use of the site and improve the content and services of the site. For example, we will use cookies to personalize your experience on our website (when you browse the website again, we can identify you by name, etc.); store your username and/or password in a password-protected area; and provide you with related products, projects or services.
Your choice
You may choose to inform us of your personal data or information voluntarily. If you are not willing to provide some specific information, the services you can enjoy may be affected (for example, we will not be able to book for you without giving your name).
How to access or correct your personal data
You have the right to access and update personal data kept in our database. If there are any changes in your personal details, please update them at any time. If you have any questions about this policy or request to access and update your personal data and information, please contact us.
We have the right to charge a fee for processing your application. As mentioned above, you must apply in writing for access to and update personal information. When submitting an application, please be sure to inform your name, address and telephone number so that we can confirm your identity and inform you of the specific matters of your application.
Policy Renewal
We will update this policy from time to time. Any changes to this policy will be posted on our website to keep you informed of our collection and use of your personal data. Each updated version of this policy will be updated at the end of the section for your reference.
All updates and changes will take effect as soon as they are posted on our website. Your subsequent use of the website represents your acceptance of the updated and effective policies.
This policy was established in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China and is subject to the laws of the People's Republic of China.
The original policy is in Chinese and may be translated into other languages. If there are any inconsistencies between the Chinese version and other translation versions, please refer to the Chinese version.