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Dongguan is an ancient city in Lingnan. Its history can be traced back to more than 5000 years. More than 150 years ago, the sale of tobacco in Humen took place in Dongguan at the beginning of modern Chinese history. During the Anti-Japanese War, this was the base area of the Dongjiang People's Anti-Japanese War. Thousands of Dongguan children fought bravely for national independence, national prosperity and strength, and died in blood. With its long history, culture and glorious revolutionary tradition, Dongguan has become a famous historical and cultural city in South Guangdong. Dongguan is a famous tourist attraction with many scenic spots and historic sites and abundant tourist resources. There are well-known ancient battlefield sites of opium war, such as Yanchi Pool, Shajiao Battery and Weiyuan Battery; patriotic education base - Opium War Museum and Maritime War Museum; cultural relics of the Opium War and unearthed relics since the Neolithic Age collected by Dongguan Museum and Opium War Museum; ruins of village head, Xian'e Lake and Jin'ao Chau Tower; and four famous places in Guangdong Province. One of the rounds can be round, as well as the beautiful coastal Pearl River Estuary, rice and banana forest, litchi red lotus and other charming scenery.
Main Attractions
  • Humen Opium War battlefield relic

    The Humen Opium War battlefield relic is the most complete ancient battlefield in the world. The historic relics like Humen Opium Burning Pond, Shajiao and Weiyuan Fort Sites are well known to the world.
  • Keyuan Garden

    The Keyuan Garden, one of the four most famous gardens in Guangdong Province
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86-769-2268 8888
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